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Once you have created an account and had it approved, you can begin to work with HITS.

  1. Take a look at the Dashboard, which you can access via the unique URL you received in your introductory email.
    You may find it helpful to take this guided tour.
  2. Once you have oriented yourself to the Dashboard. go to this URL:

    (This can also be found via the Assurance menu item in HITS)
  3. From the links in the body of this page, select the usecase in which you are interested.

The usecase page is self-documenting - you can work your way through it to test your adapter against it.

Why is HITS in two bits?

There are two separate parts to the HITS system - the HITS website, and your personalised Dashboard. The website contains key documentation, such as usecases, and the Dashboard enables you to interact with the HITS test harness without colliding with other users.

Generally you would work through a usecase by having the usecase open in one browser window and the Dashboard open in another.

The reasons for this separation will become more obvious as you use the system, but briefly: the website part of HITS uses generic URLs, but the Dashboard uses a unique URL, with associated unique generated databases and data, for each individual user of HITS.


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